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Cardiff Council´s International School Linking department (ISL)

Cardiff Council’s International School Linking department (ISL) supports schools across all regions in wales to meet Welsh Government targets in education, including developing the international dimension. 

The ISL team have significant experience working with schools in each region and all regional officers will play a key role in ensuring the project has maximum impact and is delivered, monitored and evaluated at a high standard.  This project has been developed in conjunction with ISL partners in Europe and in response to the growing need for support in schools for all staff, pupils and the wider school community.

Dirección General de Innovación Educativa y Atención a la Diversidad.

Consejería de Educación y Cultura de la Región de Murcia

The Dirección General de Innovación Educativa y Atención a la Diversidad belongs to department of education of the Regional Government of Murcia (Spain).

The Servicio de Atención a la Diversidad, the Servicio de Enseñanzas de Régimen Especial, the Servicio de Educación Permanente and the Servicio de Programas Educativos being the Servicio de Programas Educativos in charge of department for European Programmes in the Region of Murcia.

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UCLUNIVERSITY College Lillebaelt

UCLUNIVERSITY COLLEGE LILLEBAELT from Denmark as part of University College Lilelbælt has an educational service and resource center  (Center for Undervisningsmidler (CFU).

 At the centre, teachers and schools have access to an extensive collection of educational materials as well as library and consultancy services.

As a public institution the Educational Resource Centre is obligated to initiate, facilitate, and communicate new didactic measures and development projects in the Danish education system.

CPR Región de Murcia

CPR Región de Murcia is an organization depending on the regional government of Murcia and its educational authorities devoted to the further training of in service teachers in primary, secondary and specialized schools.

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